Monday, February 9, 2009

warm weekend

And exciting happenings all about. I ran 7 miles outdoors. First outside run since the half marathon on January 18th. Still have splint on arm. In Aiken, Gillian rocked, riding Lesley's horse Choo to a 4th place finish. Choo is for sale and is a phenomenal horse for a young rider or AA to event (or do the jumpers) on. Susie, Lesley and Cynthia also had good finishes at Sporting Days. In Florida, Hilda had a dressage lesson on her new guy Extravagance with Bill Woods and a jumping lesson on Godsend with Karen O'Connor. Karen got up on Godsend and he definitely felt the difference. Looks like it could be some harder work for him going forward. Both Godsend and Extra will do the advance horse trials at Rocking Horse. I hope that you might keep thoughts and prayers open as several friends and relatives are going through health challenges right now. May all your challenges be the good sort.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In which I return to Florida

I spent the (long) weekend at Rocking Horse, apprenticing with Sally Ike. It was great being back down there and seeing the team. I got to see Hilda's new horse Extravagence and my (shared) new horse, Hero. Hero totally reminds me of Gizmo (although a lot bigger), but same coloring and surprisingly similar mannerisms, including pushing food out of the feed tub and eating it off the floor, which apparently is just better. Rain Thursday and chilly mornings Saturday and Sunday, but a really nice weekend, complete with Sand Hill Crane appearance. Made it back in to Urban Flats for dinner and basketball one night. No yoga, since the arm is still healing. Now back to face the major work pile. Teacher's institute starts today.