Monday, May 25, 2009

Finn's first lesson

Finn and I had our first lesson with Missy this afternoon. I decided to carry a whip, since our boy is a bit on the lazy side (probably what I get for giving him a name that sounds Irish). He was very good and the whip came into use to remind him that he could continue to move forward while figuring out how to bend and what to do about the pressure on the reins (that would be drop the nose, not stick it in the air). He progressed quite noticeably during the course of the lesson and I got to work on my position (which as always needs a lot of work). After vacation, I'll try to get the camera out to the barn so I can add a lesson picture. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the memorial day weekend and found time for a thought for the troops.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

back in Florida

Sometimes work travel is a good thing. In this case, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research ( annual meeting was in Orlando. I had a Thursday dinner, a Friday symposium and a Sunday short course to teach, so off I went Wednesday evening, hit Urban Flats for dinner, yeah!! Thursday, ran in the morning, but it was way too hot, so I didn't ride, though I watched horses being shown (Vinny, Nicco and and outside horse). Friday, I got to go on a hack and ride Extra, the CCI*** horse! He is such a good boy, maybe a tiny bit less quiet than Squire, but still totally well-behaved and easy. Hilda has a neighbor who allows her to gallop on the edge of the grass airstrip, so we had a nice canter up that. Saturday, I got jumping lessons on Godsend and Vinny. I'm sure I was a mess, it being my first jumping since January, but both horses were very good. Sunday, I rode Bailey, a lovely 5 year old. He is still on the wiggly plan, but a very good boy. Monday morning, Hilda and I headed off for another hack and ended up in a total monsoon!! We were drenched. The horses were quite good and Godsend was even better than Extra, a very good surprise. Got off and wrung out, then headed back to the meeting. Monday evening, Henry and Andre hosted dinner at Hilda and Andre's place. Very nice. We are still waiting to hear the story of what about the rain prevented Cyndi and Ed from making it, but Susan and Matt Straub were there as well as Bill Gerth and a good time was had by all. Susan made the most fabulous strawberry cake - super yummy and I don't usually even like cake. Henry and Andre did a great job with the food. This is now the 6th state that Henry has organized a dinner party in. The usual menu, for those of you that have attended past Henry parties, Mushrooms with Gruyere, grilled asparagus, lamb and tuna as well as wine from Henry's cellar that we sent down with Hilda after Jersey Fresh last week. Came back here and heard from Hilda it continues to rain there. Lucky me, as weather here is shaping up to be ideal through the holiday weekend.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Not the same as tweedledee and tweedledum. I received the letter from the USEF saying that after "due consideration" I have been granted my 'r' TD license. What is a TD you might ask? It isn't limited to horses (though my license is for eventing, see for more information on that). For example, Canada Alpine Ski says "The Technical Delegate (TD) is the person who has advisory control over pre-race and race operation and together with other members of the Jury, has complete control over the competitive operation of the race. He/she along with the Jury have the final decision in all matters of racer protection and have the authority to cancel, postpone or annul the race if necessary. In all cases, the TD is the representative of the governing body by whom he/she is appointed." In the case of eventing, change race to "event". Essentially, the TD makes sure that the event is first safe and second in compliance with all USEF rules and standards. It is a bit daunting, especially in the face of recent concerns with horse and rider safety, but I am excited about it.

On the running front, put in a lot of miles yesterday. I think there will be one or two more long runs before the marathon May 31st. Definitely feeling under trained, but such is real life.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Cubbies

It is always good when the Cubs win. Even better, when they beat the Marlins who are still in first place in the NL East (Phillies fan here - well except for the Cubs). Since Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia all lost in first round of the NBA playoffs and the Flyers lost in the NHL, time to root for the Phillies (as well as the Red Wings, of course). Just because I've moved doesn't mean my sports alliances have totally shifted. Phillies (as well as many others) rained out Sunday. What is with all this rain?! Probably a good thing, but I'm ready for some sun and don't see any in the forecast.