Monday, August 12, 2013

In which I do all the things

Well, maybe not quite all, but in the last two weeks I've fit in 2 events with Keegan plus volunteering at one and a jumping clinic, a half marathon, the Windurra open house, brunch with Kaiti, the INBRE summer student research presentation, and Brigitte's 20th birthday party - so enough of all the things.  ( - from whence came the "all the things")

Riding - Keegan is amazing.  I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing me say so.  He clocked around the training level at  both Jersey and Fair Hill, slowly in both places because I'm still figuring out the whole breathing while galloping thing for me, but it is getting better.  He also jumped wonderfully in the Dennis Mitchell clinic, both with Rachel Gross and with me.  I'm trying to figure out a fall competition schedule, but there seems to be a lot of travel and work in the way so we'll see what happens.

Running - I had great fun at Riley's Rumble half marathon and highly recommend that anyone in the area check out the website for other races. This is a super organized and freindly group

Socializing - following the run, I had brunch with Kaiti.  Yummy, yummy.  She found this super place and both the eggs benedict and the beignets I had for dessert were fabulous.  It was great to see Kaiti, hear a bit about the new house and wedding plans as well as her horses, Crosby and Rob (ummmm, well maybe not in that order).  During the two weeks, we also attended the open house at Windurra, and Brigitte's birthday party at Blue Hill Farm.

Looking forward to more riding, running and time with friends as summer slips into fall.