Thursday, April 30, 2009

April ending

New beginnings. I really like Blue Hill Farm, (though the website could come into modern times). Heading out later to play with Finn, meanwhile need to order stuff for him. Have to admit, the shopping is one of the really fun things about a new horse. Weather more normal, but hey, now I have an indoor so no worries about rain

Monday, April 27, 2009

2 down

Headed south for a few days at Debi's farm and then the Country Music 1/2 marathon. Keebler is finally starting to do dressage. I watched Debi ride and had a lesson, both quite good. He will stay for a while, hopefully with steady improvement. Ran the Country Music Half marathon. Between the cold last week and the much hillier than expected course, it totally kicked my butt, but I finished successfully, if slowly. Looking forward to the marathon in one month. Rolex is over for another year. Susie had to retire on XC, but had a great go as far as she got and Missy withdrew before SJ, haven't heard the why. We are having a heat wave, which I am actually enjoying. Looking forward to running in the warm and definitely planning to add more hills!

Friday, April 24, 2009

boot camp and sunshine

Dressage boot camp with Debi is doing Keebler a world of good. I had a lesson on him yesterday and he was even quite good for me. He'll be staying here for a while to continue the excellent progress. I'm now excited about eventing him again, either this fall or in Florida in the winter. Finn will head home on Sunday. Looking forward to having him there and riding more regularly. Great week for it coming up, temperatures in the 80s, not only down here, but in Philadelphia as well. Reasonable temps forcast for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow, around 63 at start and 71 at finish. After the cold from Tarturus (reference to most recent great read, Dancing on the Head of Pin by Thomas E. Sniegoski), not planning more than just getting through it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

eventing everywhere

Hard to believe that the Fair Hill horse trials and CIC, the Florida Horse Park horse trials and CCI and River Glen all happened over the weekend. I volunteered at Fair Hill, a bit tamer than usual with only two rings due to big ring for advanced. Hilda and Extra finished in 4th place in Florida. Ralph Holstein won, Mary Bess Sigman was 2nd, pretty amazing given her not so long ago nasty fall, Peter Atkins is definitely back on the scene with 3rd and 5th places to him. Nice to see eventing supporting 3 major venues on the same weekend. Next comes Rolex. I'll be following both Susie and Missy as well as the general goings on. Meanwhile, I'll be visiting Keebler and running, so lots to come

Friday, April 17, 2009

new pony

I'm sure I'm insane, but I've just committed to aquire a 4 year old OTTB. He had a very good pre-purchase examination today and will head north to arrive here around April 27th. It will be fun to have a youngster to work with and he is my favorite dark bay. You'll be hearing more about him in many posts to come

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That would be the eventing season here in our area. I volunteered at Plantation over the weekend. Saturday, I scribed for Doug Payne. This was the correct job to have, as it was pouring rain most of the day, quite nice to watch horses from inside the truck! I'm rarely glad I'm not riding, but this was one of those days. Sunday, was cold and windy. I jump judged at the water all day, which went really well. A couple riders missed fences here and there (including Phillip Dutton), but most did well. Caitlin and her lovely new mare, Gabriella Rossilini won their novice division, see picture of her in lesson with Silva here on March 9th post,
Phillip Dutton rode Teddy (Funshine Bear) and was first in their preliminary division, making T very proud. I also got a chance to have a tour of Blue Hill Farm,, where I will be moving when my new horse arrives. The current leading candidate for new horse is having a vet check on Friday. I just heard that my TD license application will be reviewed on Monday, so it is a busy horse week. And it is raining again today. I will be psyched to be somewhere with an indoor again, despite the longer drive and really missing everyone at Cairn O'Mount, which has been a second home these past 6 plus years.