Thursday, October 7, 2010

I was there!!!!

Tuesday, Henry told me he had been offered tix for the Wednesday Phillies game. With a 5 pm start, it seemed a stretch, but I decided the playoffs don't come along every year (although for the past 4 years, they have). Off we went to very good seats along third base line with the bonus of being under the second deck overhang, keeping us perfectly dry during the rain.

Roy Halladay, 2nd no-hitter in post-season baseball history and I was there!! On the radio this morning, they were joking about how the 46,000 fans who were there will expand in the story telling until what you hear in 5 years will lead you to believe that everyone Phildelphia, plus a bunch of people from Delaware and NJ all were there.

It was a really fabulous experience and we have tickets for tomorrow as well.

My WEG experience

So, if you want to hear about WEGs generally, check out, the chronicle of the horse forums or any other eventing blog or publication. Here, I just want to put down a couple of my thoughts and experiences.

The good:
In a rare disagreement with something said by Jimmy Wofford, I totally loved the Kentucky Bourbon Cask Ale.

The KHP hospitality suite was incredible. Great folks, free food and drink, wi-fi, baggage check and even some tickets. I'm really glad to have been a part of supporting the KHP in the run-up to WEG and intend to continue my support.

Far fewer lines, less distance, etc. I personally scored in a major way on the associated reservations, getting a hotel room for $48 per night, a rental car for $22 dollars a day and a round trip flight into the Lexington airport for $178.

Unexpected room mate Lisa Thomas was great and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her.

Bumping into friends and acquaintances from all over the country. Practically the first people I saw when I walked in on Thursday were Denis and Bambi Glacum, but also saw many others.

Cross-Country Day!!! need I say more. I was honored to volunteer as an area steward and the team was amazing. Some communications confusion (a scheduled Thursday rehearsal was canceled, leaving the day available for shopping and spectating). Beautiful day, beautiful horses. I was particularly drawn to the Japanese horses.

The less good:

They had run out of uniforms in many sizes so I ended up with a polo shirt I was swimming in, though it is comfy tech fabric.

Getting out of the park after XC Saturday evening.

Maps that only had parts of things on them, making it hard to figure out the overall orientation, despite the fairly large amount of time I have spent at the KHP over the years.

The ridiculous food prices and low quality of the food. Thank goodness for the hospitality suite and great dinners. They fed the volunteers quite well, although thank goodness it wasn't hot as they ran out of water.

All in all, a great opportunity