Monday, November 22, 2010


So, I sent Tag off to Debi Crowley so that he could be in routine work and so that I could focus on getting my riding skills back in order before eventing him in the winter/spring. That plan has been working out pretty well and yesterday, it really came together in two lessons. The first, a dressage lesson with Jessica Ransehousen on the wonderful Feivel. Feivel is for sale, but until he is sold, I am able to take some lessons on him. He is trained through 4th level dressage and is both kind and sensitive, so I feel rather as if I just think about what I want to do and he does it. We worked on walk-canter transitions, shoulder in and half pass during the course of the lesson. Then, a jumping lesson on the wonderful Lucky. Lucky is a school pony at Cairn O'Mount. He is super easy to jump, quite athletic and scopey and it is nice to be jumping around a little course working on distances and rhythm. The two are quite different. Feivel is a 16.2 hand chestnut warmblood and Lucky is a 14.2 hand quarter pony, but each excel at their jobs. To top it off, the weather was nearly perfect and then yesterday night, the Eagles beat the Giants. Happy Sunday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Off to camp

Tag has just headed off to Debi Crowley's place to be in dressage boot camp for a couple of months. I am looking for a trained horse to ride so I can be in dressage boot camp with Missy and Jessica for a couple of months. Meanwhile, baseball is over, football is happening, yeah!!! and I've started doing a little bit of teaching at Cairn O'Mount. This means that I have relinquished my official amateur status with the USEA and USEF (getting free jumping lessons in exchange for the teaching). I really like the teaching, though I probably don't have time to do it.

Tag updates to follow as well as my potential adventures with a horse that knows what it is doing.