Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A quick post here as I am off to take a plane flight. Where am I going, you might ask. Well, nowhere. I am getting on a plane, getting off, getting on another, getting off, another, and off and a final one to bring me back home. Why in the name of all that is sane would you do this, you might ask. It's all about the miles baby. I need 3,900 more to make premier elite status again. Having enjoyed this status for the last nine years, I'm not willing to give it up now just because all this year's meetings were on the east coast and I used miles two of the four times I flew to California this year. So, off I go. At least I will finish my holiday cards. Meanwhile, Keegan is safely in Florida with Hilda and starting his Ashmore bootcamp stint. Haven't heard much other than he is a bit fresh on the ground, but well-behaved under saddle. Looking forward to rejoining him and seeing Gizmo in a few weeks. The Florida Chronicles are looking forward to heading back to Florida. Meanwhile, I am also starting the run planning. More on that to follow as well.