Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planes, trains and automobiles

Sometimes, one says this, but yesterday to return home after 9 days out and about I 1) took a CTA train from downtown Chicago to O'Hare, 2) took a USAir flight from O'Hare to PHL, 3) took a SEPTA train from PHL to 30th Street station (sadly realizing that I was passing home), 4) took an Amtrak train from 30th street station to BWI, 5) took a bus from BWI train station to airport and 6) fetched my car from the BWI parking lot and drove 2 hours home to Philadelphia.

You may ask why my car was at BWI. It was there because I had flown to Chicago directly following a fabulous time at the Waredaca T3DE. I was in Atlanta Monday night and Tuesday, flew to BWI (where I had left my car Monday afternoon), drove around in Maryland, then headed to BWI in my car to catch the Chicago flight on Saturday morning. Then 4 days in Chicago at the Society for Medical Decision Making meeting Now home again and ready to see my horse, get a ton of work done and generally pick back up on everyday life.

While I was gone, Tag's sale was finalized. I am excited about his new life as a dressage horse. He will be staying where he has been for the past several months in Upper Marlboro Maryland so I have hopes of seeing him out and about at dressage shows.

I also bought another dressage saddle (I know, it is a problem). It is a Kieffer Ulla Salzgeber that I got on ebay. It was relatively inexpensive. I was just remembering how much I liked my Kieffer dressage saddle on Tempo, and thought it might be worth a shot for Keegan. Meanwhile, Lynn's Boscoe no longer needs the wide County. I'm hoping that the person in her barn that might be interested buys it. I am now about to buy winter blankets for Eli as I sent him to Caitlin without any and he is too big for the ones I have.

Hoping to have lots of fun Keegan updates soon.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In which I take the first lesson on Keegan

Great flat lesson with Missy today. Keegan was a good boy and Missy gave me the current keys to riding, go forward to the trot - getting him to push more from behind at every stride and while maintaining the push work on the consistency of the bend through all the turns. It went quite well. The cantering is quite good to the right, but still pretty crooked to the left. I guess since he didn't race to the the right, he doesn't have bad habits to overcome going in that direction. Meanwhile, I am very impressed by his work ethic and how much better he is after a month at Blue Hill. He is also getting fatter and glossier every day. I am interested to see what color of bay his winter coat comes in. Planning for a jumping lesson later in the week.