Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rehab is the name of the game

And not the Betty Ford sort. My dad was discharged to home today, but will have a fair bit of rehab in front of him to get back to full function. My road is the much easier one. I got the brace off my hand today and now can get back to full exercise and activity to get myself back in shape. The wrist is surprising stiff and a bit sore, but as I have heard from everyone about both the wrist and the back injury, "let the pain be your guide." Is that like Phillip Dutton saying, "let the fence be the bit" or am I mixing my metaphors. The back will go out on its first test-elliptical this evening, seemed a better starting point that actually running, as much as I want to. First ride will be Sunday, on a horse that will *not* take advantage of any perceived weakness, which I'm sure I'll have plenty of.

Last weekend was TD apprenticing at Full Gallop with Cindy DePorter. Cindy is great, a great TD, mentor, horsewoman and, of course, pot-bellied pig owner! We had a lot of fun including a nice dinner at Casa Bella with Todd Richardson, course builder extraordinaire and now course designer for the BN, Novice and Training courses at Full Gallop. Kudos to Todd and to Tremaine, who designed the preliminary course, for their well-designed, nicely flowing and inviting courses. I walked all four courses (measuring as I went) and liked them all. Chimene Evans, who owns Tempo, rode her horse Kurious in his first preliminary and finished 3rd. They looked great where I saw them on XC. There were more troubles on the Novice and BN than on the preliminary and training, including a surprising number of missed fence TEs at Novice and a couple of SJ eliminations. I learned a lot and am looking forward to the rest of my busy apprenticing and unrecognized TDing schedule this summer and fall. I will also be doing some volunteering, and plan to compete once I finish the rehab part of the program (like the recovery part, I'm sure red wine will play an important role, though I've heard rumours of Margaritas at Waredaca this weekend).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

big sigh

Dad (know colloquially as Be) pulled through the surgery (and the dangerously low bp aftermath). I'm feeling almost normal (at least at a walk). Missing the event world, but will be apprenticing at Full Gallop in Aiken this coming weekend. Lots of events this weekend. Keebler is back to his summer hair removal antics. Need some better hair product for him. Rogaine for horses anyone?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the best laid plans....

What is it they say? No volunteering at Fair Hill this week as I'll be heading to the Zoo (that's Kalamazoo for those of you from less interestingly named places). My dad had an emergent triple bypass surgery yesterday. It was pretty scary for a while, but he seems more stable now. I'll be there tomorrow through Monday and then next week Sunday and Monday also. I continue to feel better, though still don't feel that I can push beyond walking. Walking feels pretty normal and other than brace on my hand, most external signs of injury probably gone. Great dinner at Sola in Bryn Mawr last night with Henry, his brother and his uncle, who came in from Florida to visit Elmer. Definitely add it to your preferred BYOB lists. It even gets the Henry stamp of approval. Keebler got to jump yesterday, so I'm sure he's feeling better about life. Thanks to all of your for your support and kind thoughts as the universe chooses this month to pile on.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

what a difference a week makes

There is probably light at the end of the tunnel. I walked home from work yesterday and it wasn't too bad. The bruising on the face is almost, but not quite gone. I'm probably going to need to make a dental appt. I'm used to spending quality time with docs doing research, not being a patient! The weather is really nice, so that is a bonus, not that I'm getting out much. Was up in Toronto at ISPOR and rested a lot, which probably helped. Didn't really leave the hotel, except for a couple of good "Henry" dinners. Susie says Keebler is behaving reasonably, which is good to hear. I'm looking forward to getting back to riding, probably around June 1, depending on if the wrist is fully healed and how the back feels. Only have major pain occassionally now, mostly very achy, stiff and don't feel I have access to full range of motion. I am going to try walking on the elliptical machine and/or a little stationary bike this weekend, good excuse to go to the gym and sit in the hot tub. Jersey Fresh is happening and I'm sad I'm not there volunteering as planned, but I would be totally worthless anyway. Plan to get back to volunteering next week at Fair Hill.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Recovery is slow and frustrating

It is now a week since the fall. To add insult to injury, I've gotten a cold, something that rarely happens to me. This adds to the overall tired and rundown feeling. I did walk to work this afternoon - after sleeping until noon. The mile took 32 minutes rather than the usual 14 or so, but so far it doesn't seem to have had any negative effects on the pain. My face is also feeling more normal, still a few bruised and swollen bits, but definitely on the mend. The wrist has never really hurt. I had a cast for 24 hours, then switched to a brace (which can be taken off to shower). I have full use of all my fingers, so other than the awkwardness, no big deal. The back/hip is still the major issue. Read and interesting story about a wakeboarder who broke multiple transverse processes here My physician friend Liza Green (who is a rehab doc) was also able to provide information, mostly based on her personal experience with a transverse process fracture, not her medical training. I've a feeling it is going to be a long spring. I probably need to figure out some interesting sedentary hobby, especially once the NBA playoffs end and there is only baseball. Of course, there is Arena Football and the WNBA, so maybe not so bad after all. If anyone cares to share tips about speeding bone healing, post here. So far, I'm on the arnica, ben gay patches, advil, tylenol, red wine plan.