Monday, April 14, 2008

Volunteering Fun at Plantation

One of the great things about eventing is that even if you are not competing, you can be a part of the action by volunteering. I scribed for dressage on Saturday and got to see some very nice rides and some interesting issues. Accuracy is good! So is a well behaved horse. And nothing can beat real adjustibility for improving the scores at the upper levels. Sunday, I hung out in XC control and got the best seat in the house to watch all of the cross country, accompanied by Dick Thompson's informed and oft hilarious commentary. Denis gave out gift certificates for amateur and junior riders who turned in safe and elegant cross-country rounds. Kudos to that idea! There was one fall in the water. Bet that was really cold. Another fall where horse headed off to graze on the hill waaaay far away, but rider did eventually remount and complete the course (I was wondering if she would still be within time allowed). Several TEs for missed fences or wrong fence jumped, mostly at the lower levels. I got to spend a little time with Cathy, who was riding Rita at intermediate and Coast at training. Lisa was there with Springer doing his first intermediate and Brett Huard had a very cute, and energetic green bean. Wendy Bebie and Hoover won the prelim again! Great fun to see a master amateur rider doing so well. Sarah Connell and her band of short people (although some of them are now taller than I) did the usual masterful job of keeping everything running smoothly. Boyd, Phillip and Sally reappeared again and again as is so often the case. The ambulance people were bored, most excellent. Photos available at

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p.s. I forgot to mention that the COM gang was represented. Susie and Choo had a 5th place finish. Maripeg competed Trevor for the first time and both Ashley and Lexi got their seasons started. Lesley came along to groom and cheer.