Tuesday, April 14, 2009


That would be the eventing season here in our area. I volunteered at Plantation over the weekend. Saturday, I scribed for Doug Payne. This was the correct job to have, as it was pouring rain most of the day, quite nice to watch horses from inside the truck! I'm rarely glad I'm not riding, but this was one of those days. Sunday, was cold and windy. I jump judged at the water all day, which went really well. A couple riders missed fences here and there (including Phillip Dutton), but most did well. Caitlin and her lovely new mare, Gabriella Rossilini won their novice division, see picture of her in lesson with Silva here on March 9th post, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vqOMt7c3rCA/SbU8xbYzSGI/AAAAAAAAAOU/BO5KYTJnOJA/s1600-h/SilvaTeaching.jpg
Phillip Dutton rode Teddy (Funshine Bear) and was first in their preliminary division, making T very proud. I also got a chance to have a tour of Blue Hill Farm, www.bluehillfarmpa.com, where I will be moving when my new horse arrives. The current leading candidate for new horse is having a vet check on Friday. I just heard that my TD license application will be reviewed on Monday, so it is a busy horse week. And it is raining again today. I will be psyched to be somewhere with an indoor again, despite the longer drive and really missing everyone at Cairn O'Mount, which has been a second home these past 6 plus years.

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