Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Not the same as tweedledee and tweedledum. I received the letter from the USEF saying that after "due consideration" I have been granted my 'r' TD license. What is a TD you might ask? It isn't limited to horses (though my license is for eventing, see www.useventing.com for more information on that). For example, Canada Alpine Ski says "The Technical Delegate (TD) is the person who has advisory control over pre-race and race operation and together with other members of the Jury, has complete control over the competitive operation of the race. He/she along with the Jury have the final decision in all matters of racer protection and have the authority to cancel, postpone or annul the race if necessary. In all cases, the TD is the representative of the governing body by whom he/she is appointed." In the case of eventing, change race to "event". Essentially, the TD makes sure that the event is first safe and second in compliance with all USEF rules and standards. It is a bit daunting, especially in the face of recent concerns with horse and rider safety, but I am excited about it.

On the running front, put in a lot of miles yesterday. I think there will be one or two more long runs before the marathon May 31st. Definitely feeling under trained, but such is real life.

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