Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall appears to be here

Boy, it was chilly out at the barn this morning. Luckily Finn is as unaffected by cold weather as by everything else, including the recycling truck stopping right by the ring and dumping loud clattering cans and glass in, the dogs running around, the cat running through the trotting poles as we entered them. On the trotting pole front, he has totally figured them out and happily trots through on the first and all subsequent attempts. We are now working on being rounder and swinging from the shoulder as he goes through. Also doing jumps with ground poles in front and he is getting quite clever with his feet, though a bit lazy off the ground. On the other hand, when I pushed harder, he stepped in and then bounced the second pole and the vertical as a single element. Well, oops! But, we came back around and he did it perfectly. Grant deadlines at work, so that is pretty crazy. Also just got asked to review a paper that is a copy-cat of one of our papers. Gotta love this: The relevant paragraph:

In a 2008 study, Bristol et al. investigated the existence, content, and accessibility of seven work-life flexibility policies at the top ten medical schools in the United States: “maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, extension of the probationary period for family responsibilities, part-time faculty appointments, job sharing, and child care.” Following on this work, our study aims to compare these same work-life flexibility policies at all 17 Canadian medical schools. We aim to gain insight into the degree to which Canadian medical schools support compromise between work-life balance and career development.

Bristol, et al refers to:

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