Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eventing in the North

Last Thursday, Tag demonstrated some athleticism and dumped me during our lesson. In his defense, we were 55 minutes into a lesson (25 more minutes than I think he had ever been ridden before) and I smacked him pretty hard with the dressage whip in an attempt to keep him cantering around the corner. I hit the railroad tie that bounds our arena, but other than sore shoulders and a sore point on my hip (that I didn't notice until 3 days later), all is good.

Last weekend, the eventing season got underway here in Pennsylvania as well as in Area 8. While I volunteered at Plantation Field, I got updates of Keebler and Lynn's first event together at Spring Bay. The wonderful Cyndi Kurth actually texted me move by move during his dressage test. Plantation was a lot of fun and Keebler and Lynn finished on their (rather Keebleresque) dressage score.

Events to follow in Florida and volunteering at Fair Hill this coming weekend.

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