Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vegas baby!

Henry and I are spending the weekend in Las Vegas. I ran the half marathon this morning which was fun as always. Best costume was a costume of Sponge Bob in an Elvis costume. Best sign "your feet hurt because you are kicking so much ass". As always, dining opportunities. Twist by Pierre Gagnaire was trying a bit too hard. Atelier Roubchon was very good, including my salad which went beyond food presentation into a work of art. Sadly, Michael had to spend the weekend back in the zoo, so we've missed seeing him. On the upside, Jon is here from Michigan and ran the full marathon. We will be meeting him for dinner at Bradley Ogden this evening. I need to make some running goals for 2011. I am focused on Tag's eventing debut in Aiken so haven't really thought about yhe running. Debi is pleased with Tag and says he is a good boy with only slight ADD tendencies. He has destroyed a turnout sheet already which I have replaced with one of the Bit of Britain 1680D high neck sheets. Tag will be getting a new jumping girth and breastplate formthe holidays. I got myself a new saddle. Total score of a buffalo leather Ryde saddlery Vantage at a great price. Now the Devoucoux I have consigned with Malvern needs to sell and I need to get the 5 extra dressage saddles over to Skylands for their consignment. Yes, I have 6 dressage saddles, but have picked the one I am keeping, althouggh am liking e County I am riding Feivel in enoughnthat I will be keeping an eye out once something sells. The holidays are good as I can focus my shopping on non-horsey gifts for everyone.

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