Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's face it. People aren't very good at returning calls these days. If you don't have something they want right then, often times the calls take a back seat to the more pressing matters at hand. Article Source:

I wouldn't have thought this prevalent, until this week. I'm waiting for call backs from 2 equine dentists (3 days and 2 days) in the hopes of getting Tag's wolf tooth out. I want to pay these guys to do work for me and no call back. I'm waiting for a call back from the Radiology Department (6 days) to schedule the MRI on my stress fracture. I have a referral from my primary care physician and from the sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, but no call back. I'm waiting for the swimming instructor (one week) from the Sporting Club to call me about swimming lessons. Once again, I want to pay for a service, but can't arrange it without the call back.

Are people just too busy in this world of increasing technology and contact points? Is my business so minor in the scheme of things that they just don't care? Have people become so addicted to texting and email that they no longer no how to use the phone (and by the way, other than the radiology departments, they have my cell numbers and I'd be happy for a text).

I think I'll make a bunch more phone calls and see if anyone calls back.

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Suzanne said...

I find horse providers the worse. Thank god my vet has an office manager. They are great! Farrier and most of the others... not so much!

I did break my wrist a couple of years back and I had to make a whole bunch of calls before I found a ortho surgeon that could do the surgery in the required time.

How odd is that? I had to choose someone who had time on their hands to do a surgery... kind of an odd way to get good care.

Good luck to you!