Thursday, June 2, 2011


It isn't juggling the time and the stuff; work, working out, riding, volunteering, teaching, family, friends, house. You do it or you don't and you get used to prioritizing, and eventually figure out that you have to say no sometimes. I am a long time expert at this game. What I'm finding harder to juggle is the emotions. The grief and guilt of enrolling my mom in hospice and then being 2500 miles away, the sadness and feelings of helplessness over the True Prospect Barn Fire (I know anyone who reads this blog has already contributed and is dealing with their own feelings about it), and then at the same time the fun of house hunting in Kennett Square and my pride in Henry's promotion to full professor at Penn. Yesterday evening, I left work and talked to my brother about my mom while I was walking to the restaurant to meet Henry for his celebration dinner, then after dinner spoke with Caitlin's mom about what she needs and looked at my schedule for today which includes work, riding my horse, teaching, more work, hopefully a workout and trying to pull together stuff for Caitlin. That piece of the juggling is fine.

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