Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cole and Eli

So 2011 has found me adding two more horses to the string. Tag was sold, but came back which was a bit odd, but he is leased to what I hope will be his permanent future home. Finn is still for sale, but I have faith that he will sell eventually. Meanwhile, for myself, I bought Coleraine, aka Cole. He is a mostly TB (or maybe all TB, but no papers or pedigree history available), 15.2 plain brown wrapper of a horse, but he has been a star (see the previous post about his run at Fair Hill). Right now, he is on stall rest, the result of a splint. This is not the end of the world. Splints happen, most heal, and on you go. Of course, I am sure that it happened because, after our run at Fair Hill, I started planning a show season. Just courting trouble, so stay tuned for more Cole news after a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Eli arrived last week. I was a little bit worried the first couple of days when reports from Caitlin were that he was both very cute and quite naughty, but he has been settling well, getting a bit better each day and yesterday went off on the "baby pack" hack during which Caitlin reported he was happy to be in the front or in the back, jumped a 3 railer and a couple of big coops and crossed streams. Her conclusion, "Eli loves cross country!" So now, I get to eagerly await the possibility of his show season, but refuse to make any plans just to be on the safe side.

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