Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Horses

I usually ride small horses. I mostly own small horses. I am fairly used to small horses and always think that I could go the pony route. Yesterday, I scheduled lessons at Blue Hill and at Cairn O'Mount and ended up on big horses. Symphony is a lovely mare who belongs to Peter Berk. She is at Blue Hill being a dressage horse for a while and is very good at it, but she is big, really big, big enough that I was feeling the need for a step stool to get the saddle on her. Thank goodness she kindly put her head down for the bridling part of the program. Riding her was great. A looong way down, but there was no fear of falling as she was quiet and sweet and generally easy to ride despite my legs feeling a bit as if they were sticking straight out. We had a very nice time and a fun lesson. Then off to COM for Wednesday evening Ladies' (and Chris) jump. I got to ride Mac, Susie's lovely 4 year old hunt horse. He is also big, not as tall as Symphony, but altogether large and solid. Also a very sweet boy and a good jumper, though he was a bit happy about the whole thing and there was a moderate amount of low level bucking involved, but we had a lot of fun and capped off the evening with dinner at Red Hound with Lesley and Julie (Mac wasn't invited, but I'm sure he didn't mind).

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