Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planes, trains and automobiles

Sometimes, one says this, but yesterday to return home after 9 days out and about I 1) took a CTA train from downtown Chicago to O'Hare, 2) took a USAir flight from O'Hare to PHL, 3) took a SEPTA train from PHL to 30th Street station (sadly realizing that I was passing home), 4) took an Amtrak train from 30th street station to BWI, 5) took a bus from BWI train station to airport and 6) fetched my car from the BWI parking lot and drove 2 hours home to Philadelphia.

You may ask why my car was at BWI. It was there because I had flown to Chicago directly following a fabulous time at the Waredaca T3DE. I was in Atlanta Monday night and Tuesday, flew to BWI (where I had left my car Monday afternoon), drove around in Maryland, then headed to BWI in my car to catch the Chicago flight on Saturday morning. Then 4 days in Chicago at the Society for Medical Decision Making meeting Now home again and ready to see my horse, get a ton of work done and generally pick back up on everyday life.

While I was gone, Tag's sale was finalized. I am excited about his new life as a dressage horse. He will be staying where he has been for the past several months in Upper Marlboro Maryland so I have hopes of seeing him out and about at dressage shows.

I also bought another dressage saddle (I know, it is a problem). It is a Kieffer Ulla Salzgeber that I got on ebay. It was relatively inexpensive. I was just remembering how much I liked my Kieffer dressage saddle on Tempo, and thought it might be worth a shot for Keegan. Meanwhile, Lynn's Boscoe no longer needs the wide County. I'm hoping that the person in her barn that might be interested buys it. I am now about to buy winter blankets for Eli as I sent him to Caitlin without any and he is too big for the ones I have.

Hoping to have lots of fun Keegan updates soon.

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