Monday, December 31, 2012

And the year winds down

As always, I wonder where it went. And, as always, I start thinking about my hopes for the coming year. I have goals and dreams and wishes. I have more blessings than I could possibily count, though I try to remember them. So what am I hoping for in 2013? Those plans and goals, promises to myself and hopes for outcomes look something like this:

RIDING - Keegan is entered (knock on wood and thank goodness for my excellent farrier) at training level for Rocking Horse I, my birthday (50th) weekend. We will do a Leslie Law Clinic the weekend before that and see where we are one year later. We will do a couple of other events down in Florida, but I will also do my TD continuing education clinic one of the weekends and am hoping to get some TD gigs this year, so far, I have a couple of SJ judging jobs, but no actual TDing. I am generally hoping for a good season at training level with Keegan. I'm also looking forward to watching Rachel with Solo (they will also be in Florida to do some jumpers at HITS and a little eventing), Caitlin with Remi (I'm not even mentioning their plans, although Caitlin will be bringing the horses down to the developing riders' training sessions in Ocala at the end of January), Keebler with his new girl (more on that to follow as it happens), and Gizmo with Debbie. I also really hope to sell Finn, Tucker and several more dressage saddles.

RUNNING - I have a busy year scheduled. I'm planning to add at least 9 more states to the list (Louisiana, Kansas, Delaware, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Missouri and Maryland). Right now the plan is:
1) Full marathon in Florida February 3
2) Full marathon in New Orleans February 24
3) Half trail marathon in Florida March 9
4) 50 mile flat trail run in Kansas March 24
5) Half marathon in Delaware in May

unmade plans in June - August other than drinking mimosas while watching Rob Colenso run

6) Full Marathon in Montana in September
7) Half marathon in Rhode Island in September
8) Full marathon in North Carolina in October
9) Full marathon in Missouri in October
10) Half marathon in Georgia in November
11) Another "run" at the JFK 50 miler in November

WORK - I submitted a PCORI grant in December, am submitting an AHA grant in January and an NINDS grant in February. Hopefully, one will get funded, but I hope to get at least 6 grants submitted by September, along with 12-15 manuscripts. We also have at least 8 open positions including research assistants, associates and investigators (at the BS, MS and PhD levels), plus analysts and operations folks. There will be even more positions if grants get funded and there may well be some grants administration, project management and writing jobs going forward as well, so please pass on the word if you or those you know would be interested in real world health services and outcomes research in a great setting.

OTHERWISE - I need to figure out if I am going to put any more furniture in the family room and finish up the work in my room. I'm hoping to get at least one good consuting gig so I can buy one of these for our home gym. Henry splurged on this so we have a commercial elliptical trainer that I hope to use when I am too much of a weather weenie to run outdoors. I'm also hoping to continue and expand Barre training, indoor cycling and yoga workouts through the year. I have gotten much less fit over the last 2-3 years and am determined to reverse that trend

THE BEST - through riding, running, the house and work, I will get to spend time with Henry, friends, family, horses, dogs, and colleagues. I hope all of them reach their goals and fulfill their dreams in the year to come

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Lisa Thomas said...

I really think that I need to talk to you about being an under achiever. :)