Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pinking Out at Cobblestone

I had a wonderful weekend in Michigan volunteering and hanging out at Cobblestone.  A few years ago, with Darlyn Daratony's mom battling breast cancer, Heather Riecker and Caitlin Henderson decided to use the sport we love to raise money to fight a disease we don't.  They have been very successful and the pink just keeps on coming.
Cathy Henderson and Ginger (She Is a Star - for sale) cross country
PHOTO CREDIT: Bonnie Kibbie

Claire Kezner with a small portion of her fan club
PHOTO CREDIT: Jeanne Anne Wallace

Pinking out cross country
PHOTO from my cell phone

Sporthorse Saddlery helping you with the pink
PHOTO from my cell phone

The Volunteers get into the spirit and spend 10 hours on the cross country course
PHOTO from my cell phone

Rusty inspects the new water
PHOTO CREDIT: Bonnie Kibbie

 I always love heading out to an event for the weekend and Michigan has the added bonus of my wonderful Cobblestone gang.   I feel like I didn't have nearly enough time to spend with everyone as we all stayed busy with 14 divisions of BN-P horses.  Jenn Merrick-Brooks did her usual wonderful job organizing.  Cricket Killen remains the volunteer coordinator extraordinaire.  Jeff Kibbie's cross country course just keeps getting better and as a bonus, Bonnie made the looooong drive up from Tennessee so I got to see her and meet Rusty, seen here checking out the new water jump at Cobblestone.  

I was cross country control on Saturday, which went very well.  The fence judges did a great job and while the cross country course had an influence, I think most horses and riders had a very positive experience and no ambulances rolled.  It also got a little bit cooler, which was a big help.  Sunday, I scribed for SJ for endless hours from the first preliminary horse shortly after 8 am to the last BN horse shortly after 5:30.  The Stadium course was tough and there were very few clean rounds at the higher levels.  Always tough to jump on grass with terrain issues added.  

In addition to the eventing friends, I spent the weekend with the Fendricks and it was great to have some time with Mark and Jen, hear Daniel practice bassoon and hear about Claire's volleyball schedule.  Wishing her the best of luck at tryouts coming up.  

Meanwhile, local riders were in the tack at Olney, Cococino and Fitch's.  Boyd and Ryan won the OP divisions, Caitlin had an impressive training win on the Juvonen's HH Lancaster and many other Area II riders made the trek north to what is an increasingly fabulous venue there.  I'm looking forward to heading over to Windurra for another round of showjumping tomorrow.


Dragon said...

hey, that's my neck of the woods! I have never been to cobblestone though, might have to check it out next year.

Seema Sonnad said...

Dragon, you should definitely check it out. They also do an unrecognized event and derbies, so if close to you a great venue to know about