Monday, February 17, 2014

In which I stay home, but Keebler and Jordan rock!

The snowpacolypse contines!  I booked three flights, one on Wednesday (SW - fully refundable), one on Thurday (the original plan, regular non-refundable) and one on Friday (using miles).  All three were cancelled, so I got refunds on two and moved the Thursday one (without charges because of the storm) to my final Aiken trip in March.

Eventers being the intrepid lot they are, Paradise Horse Trials went on, despite no power across most of Aiken.  Eventers kept the horses watered and fed (and sometimes themselves as well).  There are still spots of no power.  The house that I rent had no power or water, so maybe it is just as well the weekend was cancelled.  At home, we drank some good wine, ate some yummy food, saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (excellent) and exercised a fair bit.

Further south, Rocking Horse took place without drama (why I usually do the winter thing in Florida).  Peter and Henny won wire to wire in the advanced with helmet cam, of course.  And, I was incredibly proud, that Jordan and Keebler won wire to wire in the novice, with a dressage score of 30.5 (which I might have told you was impossible had you asked even 6 months ago).  We're hoping for a guest blog with details of their outing, but meanwhile, Go Jordan!  Go Eventing! and Go far, far away Winter!!

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