Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eventing Rocks

This was a COTH post, but I'm putting it up here because I'm too busy to write a new blog.  On the countdown to Marathon craziness.

We are all sad about the loss of two lovely horses this weekend. We feel for their riders, owners, grooms and other connections. Hopefully, those who bash are 1) in the minority and 2) not really eventers because those of us who are eventers know how much we care for our horses (and each other's). A couple things I noticed over the last 48 hours or so:

1) Phillip riding Boyd's horses at the Fork. The fact that everyone just accepts (as lovely, but still not that big a deal) that Phillip would give a competitor's horses a final run so that they might have the opportunity to compete (against him) at Rolex.

2) Posts #7 and #8 here http://www.chronofhorse.com/forum/sh...ianapolis-area!

3) Kate Chadderton withdrawing from the Fork to gallop Cole (who had some time off due to a bruise) with full support from the owners of the other horses (Liberty and Buckharo) and then posting on facebook, "my all consuming problem of Cole's bruise seems totally irrelevant now. I'm stopping on the way home to buy my horses some carrots to go with the hugs I'll give them tonight."

4) Sally Cousins winning an advanced and an intermediate (with Minion tape on her xc boots https://www.facebook.com/13930022275...type=1&theater), continuing to take it one step at a time with Taz, giving him time to grow into the big time horse she believes he is capable of being

5) This excellent story on EN http://www.9news.com/story/news/mili...arity/7389389/ 

So: hug your ponies, cheer for your friends, coaches, and competitors, give to support those things that touch your heart (including the USEA Equine Medical Research Fund if you want to help understand more about what contributes to horses dying in our sport) and Go Eventing!!

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eventer79 said...

Awesome! You made it a blog post! Thanks for sharing it, it's great and loved it on COTH too. Hugs to the ponies!