Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More running and riding reports

Does this blog read like a broken record??  Keegan and I completed the training at Fair Hill the weekend after my last blog.  The cross country was tough enough with three triple combinations, but he skipped around it.  We ended up having time faults as I had to stop for about thirty seconds to be able to breath, but the whole thing felt really easy and I don't think it was.

The following weekend, I ran the half marathon at the Alexandria Festival of Running.  It was a fairly nice day and I had a decent race, but it was rather poorly organized, with the start over 30 minutes late and several very tight turns that were not well marked and course marshals off doing other things.  My GPS said 13.6 by the time I finished.  The best part of the day was catching up with Kaiti Saunders for brunch at another great restaurant that she selected.  This was accompanied by an excellent mimosa.  

Keegan and I ended up not competing at Plantation as he had bump up on his shoulder that seemed somewhat ouchy.  Stacey wasn't sure what it was, but it resolved over a couple of days while I was in San Diego.  The Value Institute presented 13 posters at the meeting and we had a lot of good discussions.  The 5 of us stayed in a great house up on Banker's Hill that was listed through VRBO.  It meant 3 floors, 2 kitchens, 3 televisions and all for far less than the price of a hotel.  After the meeting ended, I spent some time with my dad in Encinitas, where I  I did try something other than riding and running and did a SUP yoga class
, and we both went up and spent some time with my brother in Calabasas.  Just my brother this time as my sister-in-law and the kids were in the Philadelphia area.  It was for the sad reason of paying last respects at the funeral of Kathy's younger sister Jane, who passed away from cancer last week. I then ran a trail half marathon in Temecula, California.  It was very hilly and the first time I've ever wished for trail shoes as some of the downhills were very steep and slippery.  I finished up and flew home, arriving BWI at 1:30 a.m. then arrive home around 3:30.

Meanwhile Bromont and Luhmuhlen happened.  Lots of coverage of both over at the ever up to date  Eventing Nation.  Sadly, two riders and a horse passed away, but as always the eventing community showed great support and community/ and in a great show of team spirit, Boyd Martin and his owners made Trading Aces available as an option for Phillip Dutton. 

Sunday was a lazy day at the barn.  I met Maggie Deatrick there.  She is a COTH and FaceBook friend who has moved to the area.  Her lovely advanced horse, Dante, will be joining us at Blue Hill Farm in August. It will be great to have Maggie at the barn and as a member of wine night in the city.  We are meeting tonight for a BYOB dinner and Henry is picking out good wine for that. 

Yesterday, I rode Keegan in his new dressage saddle.  It is great.  Of course, in the way of these things, I bought a new (to me - it is used) dressage saddle, but my jump saddle sold first, so now I have two (three if you count the E. Jeffries Justine is still holding on to) dressage saddles and no jump saddles, but I've placed an order for the monoflap version of this one, which I'm really looking forward to.  I briefly had a similar Ryder saddle, but it was a demo and ended up not fitting the horse I had at the time (it was bought for a different horse that was sold in the interim).  So if you know anyone interested in a dressage saddle....

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