Monday, September 22, 2008

Plantation's First CIC

I volunteered Friday and Saturday, scribing for the CIC**/CIC*** and then being a stopping point person on the cross country. The weather was perfect. There were a bunch of falls, but no one seriously hurt and all in all a great weekend. The weekend ran more like a USEF event than like FEI, but that was kind of nice. There were some issues that were fine given the weather we had (no ice at XC finish, limited water brought out for fence judges), but I'm sure they would have figured it out if it had been hotter. Phillip Dutton, Leslie Law, Susie Beale, Sally Cousins (and I'm sure others) all took a spill at some point. Which just goes to show *everyone* falls off.

Sunday, I took a lesson on Greta, a lovely mare recently come to Susie from the show ring. She was a lot of fun, as was being back on a horse in general. With Keebler still recovering, I haven't gotten in much riding, but should probably take advantage to ride some different horses. Also, hit the elliptical and enjoyed the good weekend for Philadelphia sports (other than the Cowboys win over Green Bay last night)

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