Friday, September 5, 2008

In which Keebler is a sick pony

Got a call from Susie Wednesday evening that Keebler had a fever. Didn't think much of it, as despite horrifying blood counts in early January, he recovered quickly from a similar fever. Tom came out, took blood, put him on banamine, tucaprim, and gentycin. No improvement, so this morning he went off to New Bolton. He is still eating and all, but fever remains and he is weaker and generally "punky" The New Bolton folks are doing an abdominal ultrasound to confirm suggestion of GI involvement, but they don't seem to have any clearer notion of what is going on that does Tom (our fabulous vet). Hopefully, he will rally whether or not they figure out what is going on. We all know he is a tough little bugger - yeah for those Appy characteristics.

And this after his great performance at the dressage schooling show. It was one of those shows where you pick the test, so we did Eventing Training Test A once and Test B twice. He got 42 on the first two tests and 40 on the third with a judge who does both dressage and the recognized events as well. His best dressage scores ever! So, maybe having to be a dressage pony made him feel ill....

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