Monday, January 19, 2009

1 down for me, down and out for the Eagles

I ran the rock 'n' roll Arizona 1/2 marathon yesterday. Did running with a broken wrist in a splint slow me down, not really. Did running after 2 weeks of no exercise at all slow me down, possibly. Did running in the Arizona desert slow me down, absolutely. But thanks to my great coach at, even after the 2 weeks, I was in good enough shape to run the 1/2 marathon in my usual pre-coaching half marathon time. So I am started on the plan to run all 10 of the rock 'n' roll events this year, 9 half marathons and one full.

The metro light rail in Phoenix is a great thing. I didn't rent a car and was able to take light rail to and from the airport, to and from dinner and from the race finish line back to my hotel. Service was a little spotty timewise on Sunday afternoon, but it was otherwise really great.

On the bad news side of the weekend, the Eagles lost the NFC championship game to the Cardinals. I was at PHX at the time and there were a lot of happy people there, but more disconsolate ones on the plan back to Philly. Still, it was a good end of the year run and two championships in one year would probably be more than the city could really handle.

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