Monday, January 12, 2009

no pain, all gain

Surgery went great on Friday. I made the anesthesiologists do it with only the axillary block, no sedative, but it worked great and allowed me to go out for drinks with Lesley and Maripeg on Friday evening, less than 5 hours after end of surgery. The down side was the 11 tries it took the team to get an IV in (which finally ended up in the left foot after trying, right hand, right arm, right wrist, right foot).

No pain and no pain killers meant dinner at the BYO was also on Saturday night. It was great to catch up with Nicole, Jenna, Rick and Charles and the wine was excellent. We highly recommend Majolica in downtown Phoenixville.

On Sunday, the Eagles won and will go on to the NFC championship game. I will actually be in Phoenix, AZ, since I'm running the Rock 'n' Roll AZ half marathon that day. Hope to be done running (or walking, depending on the wrist) in time to plop down at a Sports Bar in the airport to watch the game.

Trying to be sanguine about no exercise until the run/walk (not supposed to expose wound healing to dampness, so no sweating) and have resolved to add meditation to my days.

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