Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maryland, Michigan and New York

Big eventing weekend. Kaiti and Truman went to Maryland Horse Trials where Tiamo also redebuted after some time off. http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/orderpage.aspx?pi=0EBK00A7BI0030&po=60. At Stuart Horse Trials, Gillian won the training on Teddy and had a 9th place finish on Choo at Preliminary, even beating Susie. Lesley and Tia won the novice with a ridiculously good dressage score, that left them a needed rail in hand for SJ. Gizmo and Lexi went training level!! Yeah Gizmo!
Lesley and Tia: http://stuarthorsetrials.org/archives/2009/galleries/ndress1, Lexi and Giz: http://stuarthorsetrials.org/archives/2009/galleries/txc1/index.html (8th picture), Gillian and Teddy http://stuarthorsetrials.org/archives/2009/galleries/tstad/index.html (13th picture)

Meanwhile, I went off and played in Michigan. It was great to see everyone at Cobblestone. The course was lovely and the weather was almost perfect (it threatened to rain, but never really carried through). Cathy did forget her dressage test on one horse, but almost everyone I saw looked great and as always Eventing at Cobblestone Rocked!

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