Tuesday, July 14, 2009

catching up

Since I last managed to post, there have been many good things and good times. I did the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle half marathon on June 27th. Perfect weather, beautiful course and a PR (still really slow). Then off to a week at Rocking Cs Ranch in Montana where I got to ride a lot, including the lovely Ravenna, kayak down and river and meet a bunch of really great people, including Harry and Wendy who got engaged while I was there (the very prompt wedding was being planned when I left). Then Henry's birthday, a 9-1 homestand for the Phillies, a lovely weekend at Maui Jim (except for the very sad death of Uni Griffin, thoughts and prayers to Lisa Marie Ferguson and others touched by his death). At Maui Jim, I stayed with Cindy Zitko, who generously opened her home. She has a lovely OTTB called Dickens, so I will be watching for them at events (online). Finn also jumped his first barrels. The one between standards with a pole over it did not phase him at all. The ones lying on the ground took 2 tries to be recognized as something to jump over, but then he was very good. I hear he and Duff had a moment on a hack, but he seems mostly quiet as ever and progressing at a great rate. Life is good

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