Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9 down, 1 to go

Ran the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio over the weekend. Nice city, though I wasn't crazy about the race. Met a very cool woman named Tia Harrison on the plane back. She is from Chicago, working on 50 state marathons and has some very nifty fund raising ideas. She has also won a woman manager of the year award and runs a business with her husband and has 3 kids who all run too! Running, like riding, is a fun way to add to your life community.

Finn continues to do well. He appears to have grown a bit, was pretty butt high for a while, but looks more even now. Had a fun hill work yesterday, though the gnats were out, leading to the "dolphin-canter" up the first hill (one buck, one canter stride - feels like you might imagine riding a dolphin would). Keebler is settled in Michigan with Lynn Cronin. Hard to imagine a better place for him and she seems to be enjoying him, and totally onto dealing with his, as she says, "8 year old boy antics" I look forward to hearing about their progress. Meanwhile, in Florida, Hilda has put Isabelle back into work. We're not sure how thrilled she is about that (Belle, not Hilda), but I'm looking forward to eventing her along with Finn in the winter. Almost time to start looking at schedules. I'll be down there this weekend, so will get to make plans with Hilda and ride the girl. Wish I had unlimited time and money as there are so many really cool horses available right now. It would be fun to buy 4 and just ride for a year (assuming that unlimited time and money thing)

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