Monday, November 2, 2009


The SMDM meeting was held in Hollywood October 17-22. I am now a member of the board, which is a huge honor and affords opportunities to be even more involved. We also got to visit the family while in Southern California.

I attended my Stanford 25th reunion October 23-25th. It was great seeing the campus and catching up with some classmates and faculty members. If I can figure out how to get photos from my phone to my computer, I will add a couple.

Finn continues to improve. His flatwork is getting very good and moderately consistent. Better in the indoor, where there is less that he wants to lift his head up to look at, but he remains unphased by all kinds of things, including the totally Hitcockian birds that hang by the hundreds in the trees beside the arena and then on some unknown signal, simultaneously fly across the arena into some other tree. We had a lesson Saturday and he ended up jumping through a little grid (2 trot poles, cross-rail, one stride to rail, bounce to plank vertical, two strides to small vertical) perfectly multiple times, putting all of his fee down correctly each time, so that was exciting.

Too much rain, but love the lighter mornings now.

Expecting the Phillies to pull off the miracle, but glad that it is also football season and the Eagles seem to have pulled it together following the totally embarrassing loss to Oakland.

Two more half marathons to finish out the year.

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