Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another New Year. Surprising, as I went back and counted on my fingers, the start of my 5th year blogging. Given the state of the gym yesterday, fitness is on many people's resolution list, although that is not unusual. Apparently, the resolution surge does not extend to 6:30 am yoga, as there were only 4 of us practicing this morning. I can't blame folks for savoring those last few minutes of sleep before heading back to work. Personally, I'm not that keen on resolutions and I'm not sure I really count this as the New Year. For me, the time that feels like a new year is September. Not so much because it is the religious new year, although that probably figures in, as because as an inveterate academic, September just feels like the beginning of the year. Seems better to take this turning of the calendar as a chance to count my blessings. I am healthy, married to a wonderful man, have lots of super friends and hobbies that engage me. My horses are (knock on wood) mostly healthy and sound and with luck the *my* part will number 3 less in short order. My work has been largely unaffected by the tough economic times and along with counting my own blessings, it seems appropriate to offer thoughts and prayers for those less blessed and/or more challenged in their lives right now. There were losses in 2011. My mom, Henry's aunt Davita, my good friend Andre Merlet, the True Prospect Farm horses as well as Smart Move and Model Cadet. But the losses allowed time with friends and family and a true connection of the eventing community (in the case of the horses), a reminder to look for the silver lining in the challenges and losses. While they can't be counted as resolutions, I do have goals. Event on my own horse for an entire season. The last time this happened was in 2008 and even then, Keebler's season was cut short. I think Keegan is going to be willing to be an event horse, so I'm looking forward to the year. Our first event is scheduled for my birthday weekend at the end of January. Another goal is running a 50 mile "race" I won't be racing it perse, but do hope to stay on my feet for 50 miles in November at the JFK 50 mile run. This goal is accompanied by plans for various other runs, including half marathons, marathons and maybe a 50 kilometer run. I want to keep finding time on the yoga mat too. I'm hoping it will be a big year for publications. I have a number of papers in various states of work, and I'd like to get them all out there as most of them are really interesting to me. I'll also be finishing up work on my grant looking at physician preferences for CER information. I'm writing another grant now with Josh Metlay to look at the role of technology on the performance of hospitals in infection prevention. Maybe my resolution should be to make some real progress on my book on publishing in academic medicine, as I have been wanting to do it for the past 18 months or so, but haven't buckled down and made the time yet. That will work. See, if you keep writing for long enough, there is always a resolution in there somewhere. Meanwhile, wishing everyone a new year filled with blessings and success with all your goals (and resolutions)!

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