Sunday, January 8, 2012


Eli is a pretty cool horse, a trakehner/TB cross gelding by Zarr, a well known hunter Sire. I bought Eli this summer from Margaret King at Maple Shade Margaret usually sells off the track TBs. I got both Tobe and Finn from her, but when I was looking for something for Caitlin Silliman to ride this summer while Hoku recovered, I called her and she told me about Eli. I bought him and had him shipped home. From the start, things were a bit hit or miss. He was quite good both at and about jumping, but flat work led to "naughtiness" After a couple of months, Caitlin and I decided a veterinary work-up was in order. The wonderful Kevin Keane did a full work-up and discovered that Eli has mild arthritis in his neck. I paid for him to have ultrasound guided injections, a treatment that Kevin says has met with reasonable success in his experience. However, in Eli's case it didn't work that well. We are not sure if he is still in pain, or just remembers being in pain, but he is definitely not feeling ready to be in a serious training program. If someone wants to take a chance on a fancy and talented horse, he is available to a knowledgeable horse person. Meanwhile, my friend Holly Covey is keeping him working and happy.

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