Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My pre-purchase exam request

I buy a lot of horses, many of them long distance. For others, I am there, but especially for the long distance ones, I have developed the following form which I send to the vet before the exam. Finding the right vet is another matter entirely and I depend heavily on recommendations from friends, colleagues, USEA Area contacts, facebook and the COTH forums to find the right vet having been burned by dishonest (only once) or incompetent (a few times) veterinarians in the past. Here is what I send. Obviously, aspects of it would be tweaked depending on my goals for the horse or what the horse has been doing. I have bought horses without PPEs, but rarely.

TO: Veterinary name
FROM: me

“Horse Name”
Pre-purchase examination request

INTENDED USE: Eventing (potentially through the upper levels) Horse has been described as a 4 year old, 16.2 hand off the track TB gelding, described as currently sound and in good condition in light work. I have not seen the horse in person, but have seen photos and video footage.

Please do the following:

1) General physical. If possible, could you also measure height. Check heart rate, respiration, eyes, ears, nose, mouth/teeth and general physical exam and neurological/coordination exam. No need to scope unless something in physical exam suggests the need for it.

2) Gaits, hoof testers and flexion. Please check for any paddling, winging, interference, etc at walk, trot and canter. Check soundness (on both soft and hard surface, straight line and circle if available). Hoof testers and flexion for all legs. Any osselets, bows, splints? Where and of what condition? Any conformation of the legs, back or joints that would lead you to believe horse would not hold up in upper level work, as well as your general assessment of build and gaits for upper level work.

3) Radiographs if horse passes 1 and 2 (I’m hoping you have digital that can be sent to my vet as well). If any lameness on flexion or other concern, please call me before going on with x-rays. Front feet navicular shots including sufficient views to check for ringbone/sidebone, and hocks, including both the medial oblique and the lateral oblique. If there is something in the physical that makes you doubt suitability of horse for intended use, please call me before taking x-rays.

4) Don’t need any drug tests, or blood work except a coggins if the horse does not have one for 2011. If any vaccinations are not current (WEE, EEE, Rabies, Potomac, Strangles, Flu/Rhino, West Nile), please administer and create record of administration for me provided everything else on the exam is clean. If all is clean, please also create a health certificate for transport to address...

The seller is "name". The address listed on their website is "address" and the phone number there is "number"

Please feel to call me if you need additional information before proceeding or during the exam
I can be reached:
xxxx (work)
xxxx (cell) best
My billing address is: "address"

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