Monday, February 27, 2012

a non-event weekend

Being in Florida is great, but less what was planned this weekend with no competition and Keegan still off with his bruise. The good news is that it looks like it wants to heal, not abscess, fingers crossed on that. So, I had a couple of lessons on Godsend, which were really, really great. What a fun horse. He has always been fun, but now he is also much more trained than when I rode him two years ago, so he is super fun! We did some jumping, so easy. I also reconnected with old friends Paul and Lauren Tjaden. We originally met when I tried a horse they had for sale. I didn't end up buying it, but kept in touch and they ended up selling several horses for me, the last of which (Vic's Time), Lauren bought for herself. Several years ago, they got out of the horses and are now managing a flight park (hang gliding and ultralights) in Groveland Florida I got to see the facility which was very cool and it was interesting how flat ground hang gliding works as all my experiences involved running and then jumping off the edges of cliff like objects. Lauren also works with Florida tourism and has recently become involved with She says they are great products and a great opportunity, so if you are looking for income supplementation, let me know and I can put you in touch with her.

The big happening this weekend was the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I signed up last fall when Bonnie Kibbie told me she was training for it. Of course, we did not manage to see each other among the masses, but she had a great first half marathon and I had a great training run. I will say I have never done a run before where I was blocked from running my pace, not for the first mile or two, but for the first 8 miles. If I do it again, I will go for a more forward corral. But the weather was great (the rain held off, but it stayed overcast), the costumes were fun. I tried a clif shot for the first time (Razz - it was pretty good), and I am not the slightest bit sore today so all good. The downside was the really early start time, meaning out of bed at 3:20 both yesterday (for the 1/2 marathon) and today (for the plane flight). I thought I was doing fine until I realized I had left my coat in Florida. The good news was a great sale in the airport, so I have a new winter coat.

And in burying the lead tradition, the other big news is that our offer on a country home has been accepted. This one is in Chadds Ford, just off the 52 corridor, on 2 acres. It is not a unique, old house. Rather, it is a super-liveable sun-washed Colonial type built in the 70s. Henry plans to replace the brick with stone facade and we will be finding a landscaper as well. Inspections in the next week or two. Look for a massive housewarming party to follow in the early summer.


Anastasia said...

Oh wow the house is beautiful!! Congratulations!
And... I am jealous that you got to ride Godsend. ;)

Seema said...

Thanks. You too could ride Godsend. You just need to go to Ashmore!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the new house!