Monday, August 20, 2012

in which I get to visit a new venue

I spent the weekend TDing at the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club Horse Trials. I had never been there before, despite it being less than 5 hours from Ann Arbor, so well in reach as a possible venue, but not one that was on our rounds at the time. It was a great weekend, assisted by perfect weather, but also by a great group of organizers, officials, volunteers and competitors that I had the privilege of spending the weekend with. Peg Hull, one of the co-organizers put me up in her lovely home that was very close to the venue and I was kept in tea and food throughout the weekend. There were plenty of volunteers who did an excellent job (making my job pretty easy) and I got to visit with the Steve Bernstein and Maria Herrero who were out watching Tatiana and Callisto's preliminary debut (which was a great success). I met Therese Evans, who is based in Ohio, but spends some of her training time with Boyd and Silva Martin, so there was a connection we didn't know about, but discovered after the event. John Williams' Cross Country Course and Lew Trumble's SJ course were both lovely, flowing courses and, did I mention, the weather was perfect.

Looking forward to getting back on my horse this week.

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