Friday, September 7, 2012

Selling, Buying and being robbed

Just to make it crystal clear, horses were sold and bought and there was no robbery involved whatsoever. On the other hand, our house was robbed. Only jewelry was taken, and predominately only gold jewelry at that. Both bedrooms were pretty well trashed in the process, although no permanent damage or breakage, just lots of stuff pulled out of drawers and cupboards and dumped on the ground. We reported it to the police, but there is little hope of finding the jewelry, with the current plethora of options for selling gold, including mailing it off to various venues all over the country. We believe the robbery was done by some connection to one of the various contractors and movers we have had in the house over the past year, as there was no evidence of break-in. We have changed the locks and only we now have keys and are installing an alarm system. We discovered this upon arriving home late last night, called the police around 11pm and ended up going to bed around 1:30.

This made the 5:30 am alarm clock seem very early, but it was worth it as the day ended with me owning a new horse. His name is Solo SWF, bred by Silverwood Farm and owned and loved since he was a weanling by Nicolle Madonna I feel incredibly honored that she trusts me with her boy and am really looking forward to seeing him turn into an event pony under the excellent ridership of Rachel Gross.

For those of you that are thinking, oh no - another horse! Never fear. I actually sold one. With the expert help of Courtney Cooper,, Cole sold within a week of my decision to sell him to the first person to try him (which happened at CSquare Farm). Many thanks to Rachel and to Blaine Henderson, for helping get him there - and incidentally being on hand to help with loading a nervous foal into the trailer to accompany his Momma on a trip. Cole will be living at Full Moon Farm in Maryland, which means I will be able to follow his progress. The young woman that he is lucky enough to have as his new owner rode him beautifully at Courtney's and he looked very happy with her in the tack.

In the midst of all of this, Jen Goldsack was kind enough to set aside time to help me relocate from Penn to Christiana. She got to see the new office - which has a window!!!! Despite doing the final trip on a Friday afternoon, it was quite painless. I'm hoping to spend part of the weekend setting up the new office and getting ready for the first day on the new job Monday, but also to spending some quality time with Keegan this weekend.


Bonnie said...

I'm still so shocked about the robbery- I can't imagine what a violation of your personal space it must feel like. On the happier side, I'm so excited for you and Rachel and to meet the new guy!

Suzanne said...

So sorry to hear about the robbery... I can not express my shock without making it worse! And, I am excited to see what your new baby looks like! Sugar is a Hall of Fame daughter...