Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A guest blogs about Keebler's new adventure

Thanks to Jordan's super trainer and my friend Cyndi for sending the following update on Keebler and Jordan. I think I speak for myself and for Lynn (who deserves much of the credit for Keebler's development)in saying that we are thrilled with his new situation. What Cyndi has to say about their first jump school (the stuff in pink is my commentary)


What an amazing, wonderful guy. What an amazing feeling to have someone say this about my horse.

Jordan hacked him up to the barn where I teach (Mom following in the Suburban) ; it is a 1.25 mile ride on a dirt road, with dogs and pot bellied pigs, etc.
He was wonderful through it all, until they came to the BLACK BUILDING OF DOOM.

The BLACK BUILDING OF DOOM masquerades as a fernery. You know, mesh-type walls and roof. Sometimes we get a surprise when they turn the sprinklers on - the water hitting the mesh makes an interesting sound.

But that didn't happen on Sunday.
No, on Sunday the HORSE EATIING ZOMBIES FROM HELL had taken over the fernery. Disguised as fern workers, they whispered their evil plans amongst each other. They were nearly invisible through the fernery walls.

Keebler the Wonder Horse heard them...and stopped in his tracks. He knew if he entered the same dimension as the BBOD with the HEZFH, bad things would happen. Very Bad Things. He must protect his young rider. He turned in circles, trying to let Jordan know that Evil Things were ahead. But Jordan didn't understand Keebler-speak yet, so she kicked and begged and pleaded with him to GoForward. Really, Keebler - you managed to convince her you were trying to save her.  How lucky are you that you didn't get seriously walloped!  You go Jordan!

The HorseEatingZombiesFromHell were delighted. They yelled and screamed at Jordan and Keebler the Wonder Horse, and laughed among themselves, saying evil things in their own language. All seemed lost.

But then, the mom had an idea. She called forth her Billie the Brave personality, and placed her Suburban between the Black Building of Doom and Keebler the Wonder Horse. This blocked the Horse Eating Zombies From Hell from sending their Evil Thoughts towards Keebler the Wonder Horse, and he and Jordan continued on their journey, safely arriving at the New Place With Interesting Fences To Jump. Every teen out there has a million things (and double for those involved in expensive, time consuming sports) to thank their parents for.  Add this one to Jordan's list.  

Now, for the Rest of the Story.

Keebler is AWESOME. We started out slowly, checking that he was good in company, checking brakes, etc. He walked calmly over the ditch-simulating-a-tarp. They warmed up over the Tadpole jump course that Emily and her pony are practicing. Gradually we added the larger fences. Keebler was eager but adjustable, jumping scary flying balloon fence, the NowADitchAndWall tarp fence, and normal oxers and verticals.

And this is why we put up with his appytude.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the dynamic duo in person next weekend and hearing about their adventures in the days to come. 

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