Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keebler gets a teenager of his own

So, as you may remember, I am working hard to divest myself of horses and saddles. Cyndi Kurth comes through again! Two years ago, Gizmo went off to teach one of her students the ropes of recognized eventing. Having successfully accomplished that, Gizmo came back to me for a year and last month headed to Virginia for his new adventures with Debbie Weeks. Debbie was the barn manager in Michigan when I bought Gizmo in 1999 and Elena Weeks Sakaly (at whose home Gizmo now lives) took him to a clinic with Stuart Black when he had been jumping for a grand total of 6 weeks. They jumped a bunch of the preliminary fences then. So, Gizmo is well-settled with people who know him, love him and appreciate him.

Then, when I saw Cyndi at the USEA convention this year, she mentioned another student who had a lovely horse that she had made it to the AECs on, but who had some limitations in terms of moving on the the next level, but perhaps Keebler would suit. Lynn, who has been such a terrific keeper of Keebler for the past 3 years provided lots of information (including when the deal was made, the best horse owner's user's guide ever) and Jordan and her parents decided Keebler could well be a good fit. So, Lynn arranged for shipping in record time and earlier this week, Keebler headed down to Florida. He and Summit are already going out together, drama free and Jordan will start riding him in the next couple of days. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he and Jordan do together and am sure that he will love having his own teenager and an opportunity to expand his fan base.

Keegan is also in Florida and I head down this weekend to start our winter adventures. Rachel will also be bringing Solo down. Watch this space for more on all of the adventures.

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