Thursday, May 2, 2013

Firing up the northern show season

This blog started as the florida chronicles and then went beyond when I kept it up after the 2008 Florida season.  I tend to think of my riding schedule in two chunks, the Florida chunk and the Area II chunk.  Of course, I always think of the Area II chunk as kicking off in my beloved Area VIII with Rolex.  This, despite the fact that eventing starts up in the north prior to Rolex. While I didn't ride, I was able to join in the fun watching a lot of horses jump as the sj judge at Plantation and enjoying a day volunteering as the xc starter at Fair Hill (aside from almost freezing at both).

Last weekend, I headed to Rolex.  It was, as always, inspiring, educational and a huge amount of fun. As always, I don't feel that I can add to the extensive coverage already provided by EN and dozens of other outlets.  My Rolex was great.  I volunteered as a cross country steward again and got to watch my area partner Lee Ann in action taking her incredible photos.  I got to hang out with Caitlin Silliman and her family, supporters, sponsors and colleagues.  I went to my first PRO sponsored event, an excellent party at a gallery full of amazing horse art in downtown Lexington.  I did some shopping, most notably buying yet another dressage saddle, but for the first time feeling I really liked it as opposed to just something that would work.  I sent it home with the Windurra gang and am looking forward to riding in it for the first time today. I hung out in the KHP Foundation tent, where Kevin went above and beyond in extending hospitality. I was sad that Jennie and Ping didn't get to run and that Sue wasn't up to jumping with Sally  (but am looking forward to seeing what both of them do next).  I clapped extra hard for Lynn and her excellent finish on an OTTB, and (of course) hardest of all for Caitlin and Hoku as they completed their first 4 star.  I met people, and dogs, and horses all weekend.  I came home ready to ride and am looking forward to reports from the busy upcoming weekend, with the Blue Hill crowd divided between dressage at Morven and eventing at MCTA.  I'll be volunteering at the Fair Hill starter and will be interested to see how many Rolex riders make it there.

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