Monday, May 6, 2013

The rest of us

While Badminton and the Kentucky Derby were both happening, many of the rest of us were involved in less famous, but no less rewarding events through the weekend.  My original plans were a trail marathon on Saturday and an easy day Sunday.  That changed multiple times for multiple reasons and my weekend ended up being cross-country schooling on Saturday and volunteering at the starter event at Fair Hill on Sunday.  Both were great fun, if a long way from Rolex and Badminton (in so many ways).

Saturday, Keegan and I went cross country schooling with Eden and her mare Fancy.  Both horses were super good and very brave, jumping everything they were pointed at. The only low point came at the end when Keegan somehow twisted a shoe, tearing some foot and stepping on the clip.  He does seem sound today, so we're hoping all is still in line for Plantation next Saturday.   Meanwhile, the Blue Hill dressage contingent had headed to Morven.  Rachel, David and Mary were all showing there. Dressage continues to lack live scoring so I can only let you know that Topper won both his 4th level tests and 4th level high point (via David's facebook).  Later on Saturday, Jason Racey contested the mini-prix at the Radnor Pony Club Jumper show.  Many others I know were also there, but they too are lacking live scoring, so other than hearing from Jason that he finished 3rd (if I recall correctly), I have no other information.  Saturday finished up with Lesley and Bill's wedding reception in Malvern.  It was a great occasion and great to see Lesley and Bill as well as Jan and Jeremy Beale, Lesley's mom, Susie, Chris, Amanda and Gillian, and Gloria Cascarino.   A really lovely evening.

Sunday, I volunteered as the dressage steward for the Fair Hill Started event (Elementary through Novice levels).  I saw many riders I knew, although many others were spending the weekend at MCTA (more on that to follow here).  As always, lots of nice people, horses and riders learning the ropes, and after a chilly start, we got a nice day.  I saw some of the Cairn O'Mount gang, including Susie and Gillian, Alex Makowski riding 3 or 4, Erin Sylvester, once again coaching fresh from Rolex (we did comment on how much warmer it was last year), and lots of others. My Sunday wrapped up with a dinner at and a chance to catch up with Katrina Armstrong on her first two weeks as physician-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital

Meanwhile, at MCTA, Sally was winning the Advanced on Joule, Kate the Intermediate on Liberty, Kaiti and Truman gathered the red ribbon, and Caitlin Silliman had a bunch of rides from BN through Preliminary. Even further south was the Southern 8ths, heart of the Carolina Horse Trial and Long Format Event.  One of the Long Formats most dedicated volunteers blogged about it here: And going south again, the Area 3 championships and horse trials were happening at Poplar Place.  Looks like Andrea Leatherman is back in the tack, which is great to hear.  I know Lynn Cronin was riding at Penny Oaks and saw a couple of great pictures on facebook, but they too lack live scoring.  Maybe we can get a blog from Lynn.

And in Texas, they were holding a CIC*/** along with the horse trials.  They did have live scoring.  Rowdie Adams won the 2* and Heather Morris the 1*

So lots going on in eventing world as the northern season gears up and the southern season finishes up.

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