Monday, January 6, 2014

Excellent Keebler visit, good half marathon, up and down football results

It snowed again over Thursday night into Friday morning.  Apparently, the almanac forecasts of a severe winter were not completely delusional this year. We hadn't quite gotten our plowing plan sorted, so in addition to working from home Friday morning, I spent an hour shoveling the driveway so I could get to the airport.  I needn't have been in a hurry.  My original flight was cancelled and the replacement flight late, but I did end up on a plane, warmlands bound only about an hour late.  I stayed Friday and Saturday night with Ed and Cyndi north of my usual Florida stomping grounds, but close to both Keebler and the half marathon. Cyndi and Ed were fabulous hosts all weekend, providing a room, meals and chauffering.  Their dog, who loves me when we are at Rocking Horse took a while and much food bribery to decide I was acceptable in her house.

Saturday was Keebler day!  I hadn't realized that Lynn was visiting Florida, so she also joined us to watch Jordan have a lesson.  Emily also had a lesson on Shelby.  Both of them looked great and Lynn and I really enjoyed seeing the Keebler.  Lynn got on and had a canter and a crossrail and I hacked him back to the barn.  Cyndi said Jordan was nervous, but she looked great and did a great job with him and Emily and Shelby have really progressed since I saw them last year.
 Seema and Emily hacking back to the barn (thanks to Jen, Emily's mom for the picture)
 Keebler with his ladies
 Lynn riding Keebler
We topped off the day with tack shopping in Ocala and dinner at Bites in Deland, netting leftover rabbit to complete dog bribery.  Sunday was half marathon morning.  The picture is Ed and me before the run (thanks Cyndi!).  The first 5 miles were great.  I was able to run all of it at a 12 minute pace, which is respectable these days.  Ed stayed with me and we had a great opportunity to talk about all sorts of things.  Unfortunately after about mile 7, my lungs became very unhappy.  This actually felt more like asthma than the more recent stuff, but we ended up walking the second half.  Ed stuck with me and it was enjoyable, if a little frustrating.  Jordan and Billie came to watch us finish which was great of them and we headed to the Track Kitchen at Spring Garden for brunch.  Very yummy and then back to the house for some football viewing prior to the final phase of the weekend. 

The football this weekend had its ups and downs.  Amazing come from behind victory for the Colts engineered by Andrew Luck UP.  Two point loss for the Eagles against the Saints DOWN. Big Chargers win over the Bengals - actually, I'm not sure which way to point the arrow on this one. 23-20 win for the 49ers, hmm another toss up on the rooting front.  But lots of excellent football regardless of outcome.

I finished off the Florida weekend with a visit with Hilda.  She cooked us an amazing dinner as usual and it was great to have a chance to catch up and visit.  I even have leftovers for lunch today. Hilda is as gracious a hostess as she is wonderful as a trainer.  I will miss Florida, but am looking forward to Aiken this winter, although I'm worried that it may not be very warm given the general arctic trends so far. 

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