Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in the saddle

So, I've now been back riding a full week. I've done two dressage lessons and a jumping lesson on Keebler and ridden every day. On Sunday, I rode Keebler and Del. All the body bits are holding up to it and nothing hurts. Keebler obviously benefitted from his time in boot camp. His trot is quite good and the canter improving. I've been using draw reins, to reinforce his good behavior and they seem to be working. His jumping lesson was great. His timing was a lot better than mine. We did the vertical from a trot exercise to a reasonable height and finished up with a one stride exercise. Keebler still has most of his hair, with the help of a serious fly sheet and a stall in the lower barn, which is less open to the bugs. We're planning the remainder of our season - his contribution is, "is there food there?", but my plans include novice at the unrecognized at Fair Hill July 5th, training at the Plantation unrecognized July 26th, then training at the Fair Hill recognized in August. In between, more volunteering, apprenticing and hopefully, the Cairn O'Mount tack sale, though I did sell some stuff to one of the newer COM riders who just got a new horse. Buck's County Horse Park this weekend (volunteering). More to follow

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