Monday, June 23, 2008

two days - two states - two events

I spent Saturday at Encore (on the way between my dad's and the DTW airport). Great to see everyone there. Becka was doing her first event back and looked great. Jeff Kibbie's Loki is looking very grown up. Lucky (the CANTER horse) isn't looking quite so grown up, but does look talented, handsome and totally fat and happy. Lots of Cobbleston folks there, we scheduled the end of summer Margarita Party - always good to get that important stuff done. I heard there were storms after I left, but great weather while I was there. Gwen (the 21 year old chestnut wonder mare) had her retirement ceremony. Her theme song is "Brick House" There was a COTH thread about theme songs for your horse. I'll take suggestions for one for Keebler.

Sunday, I was at Bucks County Horse Park where the gang from COM was eventing. Tatiana Herrero Berstein and Maria Herrero are in town for the summer with Copernicus and Tatiana rode. She saw me and said, "I thought you were at Encore" Well, the day before I was, now I'm not, aren't planes a grand invention? I did a bit of volunteering and a bit of spectating. Another very nice day. Hannah did a lovely job with her new horse Jewels, Susie rode Dash and Perkins. Lesley and Tia finished 3rd. Lexi had a fantastic dressage test on Gizmo for which she was really under-rewarded in the score department. We're giving her an honorary 36 for that test. Betsy rode Preston. The ground was hard, so everyone either took it easy or skipped xc, more excellent horsemanship in action. Looking forward to seeing the scores.

Next weekend, TDing at the Waredaca unrecognized.

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