Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Waredaca weekend

It was great being at an event without a brace on my arm and feeling fully mobile. Not having known in advance that I would be fully mobile, I spent the day Saturday scribing for stadium. This was much more fun than you might imagine with the chatter between judge, announcer and two pony club dads as timers - only once did they miss a time due to chatting, and the judge got that one. The BN rider who just stopped in the middle of the course directly in front of her next fence (not a refusal, she was lost) and then peered around for quite some time trying to find next fence (right in front of her). She did finish without jump penalties, but oh so many time faults. Why did so many intermediate horses stop at the first fence? It was a stone wall with black rails, didn't look scary to me, but who knows? Training horses mostly stopped at the liverpool, no option this time, so think blue tarp practice at home. Many horses at all levels left out a stride to the last fence and knocked the top wavy plank out of its flat cups. Volunteer coordinators took excellent care of us (junk food was way too available). Saturday night, yummy mexican food with Jeff Kibbie. Then Sunday, the morning in scoring with Steve Symansky who is ridiculously energetic. More fun and chatter behind the scenes. Riding, running and swimming all planned for this week.

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