Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun, Fun Fun!!!

Went schooling yesterday afternoon. Quite a group, ranging from Amanda on her pony (one elementary level event under their belt/girth) to Tatiana (getting ready to move up to intermediate). I took Keebler, Lesley rode Rosie, Betsy and Maripeg were there on Dave and Trevor preparing for Stuart and Hannah was there with her mare Jewels. It was a perfect day (well maybe on the hot side of perfect) and we got to jump a bunch of fun stuff in good company. Keebler continued his, "yes, I am an eventer" attitude, though we finally found a fence he didn't like - a table made of shiny new wood, with the sun shining on it. I just assumed he would jump, which he did on the 2nd presentation - oops! Gotta remember to ride, even the really good boy. All horses were quite good and Susie and T both kept busy coming up with exercises appropriate to the various members of the group. Little better than XC schooling.

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