Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two weeks of unrecognized eventing

Last weekend of July, had the honor and fun of TDing the unrecognized event at Waredaca www.waredaca.com. The weather generally cooperated and there was both very good and kinda scary riding to be seen. No smoothie lady, but yes ice cream!!! Excellent job by volunteer coordinators, volunteer hospitality and awards committee. Prizes for all, including some really nice ones. Also, money raised for Windchase.

This past weekend, in addition to celebrating Henry's birthday (he is a 4th of July boy), Keebler and I did our first post big-ouch event, the Open Novice at Fair Hill. We finished on our (crappy) dressage score - wait, why does that sound so familiar. I warmed him up wearing a running martingale and he was very good. As soon as I took it off and we went in the ring, things deteriorated. Judge wrote, "very capable pair, but too fast today" Also, "he needs to respond to half halts" The whole dressage thing is just a work in progress. I count myself lucky that he really likes to jump, so no struggles there.

Betsy and Preston were third. Sarah and Hannah had a little xc trouble, but generally successful outings. We all had a long day, loading at 6:45 for my 9:26 dressage time and then xc times around 4:30 for Sarah and Hannah. Hannah was scheduled for 5:30, but I volunteered for 2 hours so she could move up. I heard there was a brief period of self-stewarding down in the dressage arenas as Courtney and I switched over at noon, but everyone was great about being there, checking in and getting down to their arenas on time.

Volunteering and apprenticing at Maui Jim next week.

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