Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Totally remiss

Yes, I have been totally remiss. Keebler incurred his first training level jumping fault. He zig-zagged enough to lead the fence judge to call it re-presentation at Fair Hill. Still, the weather was perfect and he was relatively good in dressage, getting a 44, his best score at training level thus far. This past weekend, I spent two days volunteering and 4 days apprenticing at Wayne DuPage horse trials. Got to stay with Katie Lindsay and meet Gobi the blogging dachshund in person (or would that be dogson) http://www.aecatlamplight.org/Blog/blog.htm. Lovely weather through the entire week in Chicagoland. Cyndi was announcing and Nancy scoring, so felt like old home week. Very nice friends of the organizers, Noreen and Paul fed the whole gang of officials two evenings, bbq at their home and dinner at Foxfire (very nice restaurant should you find yourself in the Western suburbs of Chicago). Back home for the week, due to Florida flight being cancelled for hurricane Fay (have rescheduled for the Ocala CCI, so you will get an actual Florida chronicle again in November). Dressage show coming up this weekend. Weather remains great.

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